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To make sure that the users do not become the victim of scams, money laundering, or any kind of fraud, the platform only allows legitimate users to use the services that they offer. For this, all the new users need to undergo the ID verification process which is also known as the KYC process. This helps them make sure that only authorized users are using their services and reduce any risks of fraud.

In addition to that, you should also understand the fact that if you do not complete the KYC verification process, you will not be able to make use of the different features that are available on this Exchange. Thus, we will be guiding you in this process and help you understand how you can undergo KYC verification for verifying your account.

Once you are done with the ID verification procedure, you will be able to withdraw your funds, buy different crypto assets using your credit or debit card, and be a part of the Startup projects that they offer on their platform.

A step by step procedure to verify your account

  1. Make sure that you go to the official website for the verification

  2. Thereafter, you can log in to your account to access the available features

  3. Now, take your cursor to the profile icon at the top of the taskbar

  4. And then, select the "KYC(ID Verification) option from the given list

  5. Choose between the Individual or Business options

  6. And, select "Verify now" present below your preferred option

  7. Once you are done with that, you will need to make some selections and enter some details

  8. From the "Country" drop-down menu, you can select your country

  9. Enter your full legal name twice and then choose the ID type you'll use for verification

  10. Then, enter the ID number in the given space and then upload the image of the same

  11. Now, upload an image of yourself by holding the same ID

  12. And then, select the "Confirm and Submit" option

After this, the process would come to an end and you will be able to check the verification status by navigating to the "identity and Safety" section of your account.


To make use of the full-fledged features of the platform, you should definitely verify your identity as soon as you complete the account setup process. Just make sure that you are uploading a clear image of the ID verification documents so that you are not

bothered with that again and again. Once you complete the verification, you will be able to withdraw funds or buy crypto assets using different payment methods.

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